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Update: Return of the Alliance Tournament

Greeting my good lords and ladies! Take a gander below for what will be included in the latest update.

Alliances, gather your troops! Sharpen those swords! The Emperor has declared his will to seek out the strongest Alliances in the land, making way for a familiar event to re-emerge!

Return of the Alliance Tournament

  • The Alliance Tournament is making its grand return to the world of Empire!

  • With its return, the Tournament will offer all new rewards and activity rewards for you and your alliance

  • The system will work much like the other events, granting activity prizes at certain stages, with larger prizes for the ‘Top X’ players

  • One of the reward packages that will be introduced was voted for by you, the community! Keep your eyes peeled!

Samurai Invasion changes

  • Noticing that most warriors seem enlightened solely by the thrill of battle, the honorable Obasan has decided to pack up her game, and instead, directly offer goods in return for tokens.

  • The Path to Enlightenment has been removed from the game, and the Samurai event will now have a merchant, much like the Nomads

  • Here, players can trade their Samurai Tokens for tools, troops, equipment and decorations.

Other Changes

  • Certain quests in the Nomad Invasion, Samurai Invasion, Foreign Empire, Storm Islands and Berimond events will now grant experience points for their completion.

  • Some quests may offer better rewards than before, particularly in the Fire Peaks.

  • Quests will no longer be recommended

  • Max level Robber Baron Castles in the Great Empire have been rebalanced thanks to community feedback

As always, please head to THIS DISCUSSION for any questions or feedback you might have.


Your Empire Team

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