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Update: New Login Bonus

Hello all of you amazing heroes. This weeks update will contain the following:


ggempire-iconxtaakpngNew Daily Login Bonus

-The Daily Login bonus has been revamped!

-From this update onwards, all players will receive a fresh new login bonus

-The principle remains the same, log in on a daily basis to receive increasingly valuable rewards!

ggempire-iconxtaakpngPower Points for Titles

- Titles will now also grant Power Points

-The higher your title, the more Power Points it will give

-You can see how many points your titles are giving you by visiting the Titles menu

-In this menu, you can see how many Power Points your current title has added to your total

ggempire-iconxtaakpngGift Trader Prime Sale

-There will now be a chance for a Prime Sale to run with the Gift Trader event

-When this is active, she’ll offer you specific gifts for your friends at discounted prices

-Give your friends a little token of your appreciation, cheaper!

ggempire-iconxtaakpngOne Time Nobility Contest: Spend Rubies

-A new Nobility Contest condition will be introduced

-For this contest, players will have to spend rubies to earn points (not purchase them)

- This contest is a one time only event for the Empire Deal Days around Black Friday.

ggempire-iconxtaakpngNew Prime Deals

-Brand new offers will be introduced to the game

em_exclamation_mark1fmkeepngYou can give us your feedback and ask any questions you may have towards the update, as usual, HERE in the feedback thread!

This update will take place tomorrow, the 18th of November 2015, between the hours of 9 am and 1pm CET.

Best regards,

Your Empire Team


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