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Update: Halloween Event 28.10.2015

Hey guys and gals! Get ready for our latest event! Check out all the information you need in order to prepare for the update tomorrow.

The brave warrior patrolled his Lord’s castle, looking upon the walls that he had vowed to protect. A gust of wind, a wince - his nerves that had once been strong, causing his face to scrunch, his muscles to tense, it was evident that the somber holiday of Halloween had descended upon the kingdom.

He had been left behind, while his comrades, who were stronger and above all more courageous, had gone off to play a supporting role for one month in various events. They knew that by the end of this period, the bravest and most successful among them would be rewarded handsomely, making the battle against the darkness a much more promising task.

As he continued on his solitary route round the castle grounds, rummaging in his pockets for a little comfort food, he dug out a wrinkled paper notice.

Your Royal Highness is looking for ...
  • ... a brave warrior who is:
  • quick and strong in both melee and long-ranged combat
  • fearless and relentless in attack, looting all that he can
  • flexible in availability for one month

This courageous fighter needs to prove their skills in the following events to show that they’ve got what it takes for the real deal- hurdles that will be sure to trip novices and cowards alike

  • Invasion of the Foreign Empire
  • The Nomad Invasion
  • Invasion of the Foreign Empire (The Second)
  • The Samurai Invasion
  • Invasion of the Foreign Empire (The Third)
  • The Nomad Invasion (The Second)

Of course, there will be rewards, if you make it alone and prove yourself as a brave and courageous warrior, showing the other realms what kind of fighters ours produces. Depending on your experience level, the following rewards are available:
  • Exclusive Heroes and units that you can only get during this event
  • New Tools that will increase your strength in combat
  • Level 30+ players will also have the chance to take an all new decoration back to their castles. Show off your triumph!

Sighing, he stuck the crumpled piece of paper back in his pocket and wished his comrades every success, so that they may bring glory to the Kingdom.

At the same time the war horn rang loud and clearly, audible over the vast grazing area - the fight had begun. Every win that a fallen opponent brings will count as you get closer to your goal - to fight for the honor of thy king and kingdom!

As always, please feel free to post any questions or feedback in the official DISCUSSION THREAD. Best of luck to all of you ghosts and goblins!


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