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Update: Glory Titles + Berimond Optimizations

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This week's update will introduce a few new optimizations to Berimond, as well as a rework of the Glory Titles! Read on, lords and ladies!

Glory Titles - Rework

  • Glory Titles will be ordered differently and you will have the possibility to choose which title you show to other players
  • Two tabs: Glory titles and Berimond titles
  • As always, rewards will be given to players once they reach the title for the first time. In the case of bonuses, they are always given to the player but are only active if the player is currently at the title that gives him the bonus or any title above it.

Early Glory titles
  • After the update, some newly registered players will have the opportunity to earn new ‘early’ glory titles.
  • Before reaching the “normal” glory titles as we know them, new players start off with the “Squire” title and after the tutorial will work towards reaching the title of “Knight”
  • Players will have to complete certain tasks to be in the favours of the people, commanders and merchants

Gallantry Titles
  • You will be able to receive special titles when participating in Berimond and gaining “Gallantry points”
  • You gain Gallantry points by participating in battles and completing quests
  • Each title grants bonuses and rewards
    effects such as higher travel speed, increased berimond points gain, faster unit recruitment and many more will be available, as well as unlocking new units and food boosts for the other main kingdoms.
    some of these effects also affect the other kingdoms
  • Titles stay active after the event, but will decay over time
  • For each Berimond-point gained, the player gains a Gallantry point
  • The new titles are as follows:
    • Acolyte
    • Patriot
    • Oath Keeper
    • Captain
    • Stormpike
    • Shield Crusher
    • the Fearbringer
    • the Ravager
    • the Widowmaker
    • the Oppressor
    • the Bloodblade
    • the Deathclaw
    • Guardian of the Sword
    • Weapon Master
    • Ruler of the Battle
    • Supreme Commander
    • War Adviser
    • Claw King
  • There will also be additional rewards for the TOP X titles
    • Top 100 - increase of loot gained in attacks
    • Top 50 - increase of units one can add to the front
    • Top 20 - increase of units one can add to the flanks
    • Top 1 - increase of your units´ strength in the courtyard

Berimond - Optimizations
  • Towers will not have Castellans anymore
  • All camps will receive a morale boost from the get go
  • The price of all 3 starting camps has been reduced
  • Reward set items for the Top 100 will now be rotated properly
  • The reward pool and threshold for players level 69 and below will now be different from level 70 players
  • The top 100 and top 50 players level 69 and below will now be able to earn the old Berimond set items (helmet and chest respectively)
  • For both level brackets, there are new rewards like the old Berimond statues (small and large)
  • There will be more charges for every tower
  • You will now earn more Berimond points than in the previous editions and in a more consistent way
  • The Berimond tree (highest activity reward) has been buffed from 210 to 230 Public Order
If you have any questions or feedback, you can pop them in this thread!

Best Regards,

Your Empire Team
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  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Posts: 1,713
    Hey everyone, The servers are now down for the update. I will let you know as soon as they come back up and you can get back to your kingdoms.

  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Posts: 1,713
    Ladies and Gentleman, You are now free to get back to your Empires! Don't forget to post your questions and feedback in the discussion thread;)

    Best regards,
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