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Update: Minor Changes and Adjustments 25.09

Hey everyone, Please post any questions or feedback you might have in regards to the latest update here.



  • Is the absence of login prizes due to the adjustment?  The screen shows but no prizes appear in the group of three choices and the curtain remains drawn on the special prizes.
  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Posts: 1,713
    Hey Sunantil, We are aware of an issue with the login bonuses, and I would recommend submitting a ticket to our support team using the in game link.

  • Wyndsong (US1)Wyndsong (US1) US1 Posts: 2
    There are 3 of us in my alliance at the Fearless level and when you click on our names in the alliance list nothing happens.  so we can't get mail or invites.
  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Posts: 1,713
    There are 3 of us in my alliance at the Fearless level and when you click on our names in the alliance list nothing happens.  so we can't get mail or invites.
    I'm not sure exactly what you mean here. What invites are you referring to?

  • just curious why do the incoming horns sit on top of the defensive set up? it blocks you from being able to see what your wall bonus and gate bonus are with tools. why not have them stack on top of each other or make the defensive set up screen hide the incoming on the alliance horn? this is a minor annoyance but an annoyance none the less.
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    Hey @wolf69 (US1) I do not know why the developers went with this layout, but I can ask them if there is anything that can be done next time I meet with them.

  • Will the theme be changed again?
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  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Posts: 1,713
    What theme are you referring to @TheDarkFighterz (US1)

  • I have tried to send resources to another castle lord 4 times now and it does not register in the daily tasks.
  • Show Me!

    I'm getting a bit tired of that prompt - that it ended up on the Daily Task section makes me wonder what is happening - too many 7 year olds from Mini-clips?

    Real hard to get on today, but seeing the updates now I know why.

    Good Luck CM Popeye I know you will do your best, just wish they had warned the Mods this was comming

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  • Raptor31 (US1)Raptor31 (US1) US1 Posts: 4
    We have been Robbed of a Daily , that gave us something substantial for Crap build defense weapons and changed the usage to what you want.. Effing Wheel barrels around our Castle and Useless missions. This is why Games Fail and Why Zynga Failed... You effing cheat your players... This game has no Future anymore because of Kon War and Greed of the Manipulation and greed that has just taken hold of this game...

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    The lack of coin now makes the game less fun to play. i almost have no desire to log in.
  • The coin update really put me down when I heard about it.  A lot of my alliance to was very disappointed when they heard about this because this is are main way of getting our coin.
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  • I have never posted before, love the game, and have disagreed with some of the changes over the time I have played, but understand that when some changes are made that seem to favor the parent company...I get that is a business. but the coin changes that are going to be in play are going to severely impact the game in such a way that I may not be able to play the game at any kin=d of competitive level, I have bought rubies before and have spent a fair amount of money to play this game but I will NOT buy any more rubies while this change is in play. if that means that I never play the game again so be it. getting the amt of coins that we used to get hitting nomads and samurais made it at least possible for non KON players to build up armor and help with making troops fast enough to be able to play the game against them from time to time. even though we still would get crushed.  taking the coins away helps nobody but the avid ruby buyers in this game and that I think will hurt the owners of this game in the end.  I could be wrong but even if I am I will have a hard time playing a game that seems to reward the top ruby buyers and no one else.
  • The coin change...

    Part of developing a thriving online community is making it so that people can get the most out of their time playing the game in the time they have.  Doing so, makes people enjoy the game, enjoy who they're playing with and want to spend more time on your servers killing their little digital men.  One of the comments CM Popeye made was that the reduction in coin was an attempt to better balance the game economy.  Here's where it fails.

    The non-ruby buyers are part of the lifeblood of this game, believe it or not.  Get rid of them and you'll only have a few people left fighting each other with ruby troops.  Removing the coins from nomads, sams, and berimond has a drastic effect.  There is no longer a profitable event to play.  Before the change, someone could play any one of those events and come out ahead of where they were when they started it - that is an incentive to play, and that is what you want.  You want to entice people to spend more time playing your game.  They'll get to the point where they'll be in an event and realize that they're pretty close to getting that Top 100 prize...maybe if they spent $20 for a little boost to get that edge.

    The balance was events like Thorn King, Underworld, Blade Coast, where the profits from the other events could be exchanged for some rare gear if you worked really hard.  Now, there is no real revenue stream to do any of it unless you buy rubies.  Nobody wants to spend 3 weeks looting robber barons and waiting for dragons to become available so they can play berimond for 2 hours.

    What is happening here isn't a balance of the game economy, it is creating a greater rift between the non-ruby buyers and ruby-buyers.  It is a forcing of the hand to spend more or not be able to play.  Believe me, people will choose the latter before the former.  By removing the coins, you remove the ability for part-time players, non-ruby buyers, to be able to stand a chance in defending themselves or competing with the ruby-buyers at all.  No coins means no technicus upgrades ever, no armies to attack anything, events not being played, which ends up removing all fun from the game.  One hit from anyone and a non-ruby buyer is set back at least a week of looting.  They're going to quit, GGE, and your current ruby buyers will get tired of having to shell out $500/mo to be able to continue playing too.  

  • Thank you Iron beagle, you made the point much better than I did. getting the coins in events like nomads and samurai are what allow me to play the game during the foreign invasions and alliance tourney. without the possibility of getting those coins I will not be able to keep up with the game at the level that I play it at now, and currently it is a fun game. please GGE do not lessen the coin drops on those or any events otherwise I will probably not be playing much longer. I won't be able to afford to. Maybe I will be the only one but I doubt it, once people start realizing how much more difficult it will be to keep up with the ruby buyers.
  • Theres no point to make a ticket to GGS if they're going to take a year to answer them. 

    I remember I sent 2 tickets last year. No reply from them so I just quit on them.

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    Bruh yall break this busted ass game, and still I give the gge trolls money I know I'm the idiot for this but even I couldn't screw up like this my gawd...

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    CM Popeye said:
    Hey everyone, Please post any questions or feedback you might have in regards to the latest update here.

    i can not log on to GGE when i pull it up it just shows a brown screen someone please help me, @Temprance

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