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  • This same issue is happening on AU1 as well. Please fix urgently. Thank you, Debbie
  • I can't find the reward shop. There is only travelling merchant and mercenary shop out the front of my castle. Do I have to meet some conditions before the reward shop appears? and if not, where can I find it? Thanks in advance, Debbie edit: All good. I managed to find it. Apologies for the inconvenience
  • I would like to say thank you for finally listening to the players and condensing the offers down to one icon. YAY!!!! As for anything else, I will have to explore for a bit to see what else has changed. I will submit further comments as and when I have need. Thank you, Debbie
  • Well here we are. The BTH event has just finished and after spending a week collecting and losing influence and sitting around 2-300 in the rankings, dropping to 798 with 1 hour to go, we end up with no reward and nothing to show for all our efforts. Yay!! A truly worthwhile experience once again. And as per usual, we have…
Easier said than done @"Wasso (INT3)", I didn't even see an observation tower or city state within 100 clicks until this morning, and by then it was too late to capture them. And how is it that some alliances are able to hide their capital by transferring it to another player down the list, then having their leader…
  • From the description of the event posted by Temprance in the October Update Announcement. "The winning Alliance will be the Alliance with the most Influence at the end of the event. Player Influence not yet transported on the final day of the event will be converted into Alliance Influence as the event ends." Hope this…
  • The pieces you receive are probably pieces of the travelling knights cup or swan, or whatever it is these days. When you have finished the cup/swan/whatever, the travelling knights will move in with your army and you can use them as you like. You do not need to go to the maps page to finish the quest. It is similar to the…
    kategorisi Map Pieces eibbed62 (AU1) tarafından yorum 21.11.2019
  • Hi All, Can anyone please tell me if the Kings Tower bonus doubles up when an alliance holds 2 towers? Also does it have any affect on defending or is it only for attacking Capitals and Metros? Thanks Debbie
    kategorisi Questions Thread eibbed62 (AU1) tarafından yorum 16.11.2019
  • yay, mine too. Finally!
  • A few of us have already posted about this under the technical assistance header, cos we didn't get our rewards either.
  • @"Crom Cruach" Did anyone actually receive their rewards from the latest iteration of Outer Realms that ended today? I haven't and am quite annoyed as I only went there so I can build and upgrade a few relic greenhouses. Not Happy! Regards, Debbie
  • No you can't. When you go to attack a tower, you get a message saying you will lose your protection if you proceed.
    kategorisi Dove and Beri eibbed62 (AU1) tarafından yorum 13.11.2019
  • Thanks for that @"dandelion1958 (GB1)" I guess those of us that aren't German don't rate an explanation for the downtimes. (Maybe I will just have to get a nationality transplant.)
    kategorisi update/maintenance eibbed62 (AU1) tarafından yorum 09.08.2019
  • I don't know, but if you did, I must've missed it too.
    kategorisi update/maintenance eibbed62 (AU1) tarafından yorum 09.08.2019
  • I agree that this event is ridiculously expensive in terms of troops and tools, and that the rewards are not worth the effort. So I have decided that I will just stick with the normal Sam camps until the balance is restored. Thanks but no thanks GG.
    kategorisi Legion of the Daimyo eibbed62 (AU1) tarafından yorum 06.07.2019
Thanks bummer, My problem is that I can't view them to see which ones I have to do. I am trying to remember all the possibles and go through them one by one. If I get one right, the required number does drop, but I usually just go to the list and click "Show me" Anyway, I guess I will eventually finish them all, but…
  • Hi All, I haven't been able to view my daily tasks since this new Samurai event started. When I click the tasks icon, I get the "thinking about it" screen for ages and have to reload the game to clear it. So far this one has been going for at least 10 min. (though I usually get bored and reload…
  • The icon is usually dark when the castle you are trying to send to is already full of that resource. Try moving some out of your MC to one of your ops, to free up space in your store room. Then try moving the food again. Good luck, Debbie
    kategorisi sending resources eibbed62 (AU1) tarafından yorum 03.06.2019
  • Thanks for that @"Crom Cruach". I will only hold my breath half way, in anticipation of GG's speedy response. Regards, Debbie