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  • @"Poseidon X Angel" Does anyone else have a problem with sending attacks to the Beri RVs this time round? I haven't been able to open my spy reps or access the attack screen to send captures, so I am wondering what's going on. Regards, Debbie
In any event, it's hardly necessary. You can just stop logging in and achieve the same result. Which is what I will probably do soon. This game is definitely not the game I joined 7 years ago and enjoyed so much for a while. At first it was changing by inches each time, now it's by miles. (or millimetres and…
    kategorisi May 2021 Update Feedback eibbed62 (AU1) tarafından yorum 23.06.2021
  • Ok. Thanks for that info Wiglema. I guess that would explain it. I will check it out when I get back to the game. Regards, Debbie
    kategorisi Free Time Skip Changed eibbed62 (AU1) tarafından yorum 07.05.2021
  • Thank you @"Poseidon X Angel" All the best Debbie
    kategorisi Maximum number of spies eibbed62 (AU1) tarafından yorum 15.04.2021
  • Had a similar situation on Au1 with a player named The return. He claimed to be our team leader, and asked for me to contact him via discord, skype, facebook, or whatapp. Told him I don't use any of them and he sent this instead. Apparently he also tried the same thing on several others in my…
    kategorisi ATTEMPTED HACK eibbed62 (AU1) tarafından yorum 13.01.2021
  • I agree that everyone has the same opportunities in BTH, and that your decisions influence how well you will do there. Other's decisions also influence how well you will do. I do not enjoy logging on to BTH to find that all my hard work from the previous day has been stolen while I slept or worked. (both vital pursuits for…
@)"ĦΔĐΣŚ (GB1)" IMO the only buildings really worth spending rubies on are the bakery (more food available = More troops) and the stables (better stables = faster troops and barrows). If you have excess rubies, you might also consider improving your hospital. However, a bigger hospital doesn't necessarily make things…
    kategorisi Questions Thread eibbed62 (AU1) tarafından yorum 09.08.2020
  • @"PrincessAvalon (US1)" I thought the ones who's birds are set up for such extended periods have been suspended by GG for some serious breach. I did not realise that they would be able to log on to send any attacks. Is it possible that he has been suspended between sending his attack and the time your players became aware…
    kategorisi Questions Thread eibbed62 (AU1) tarafından yorum 09.08.2020
  • Back in the days when I was still using technothief, I found that positioning the cursor in the right spot on the upgrade button greatly improved the chances of success. I had plotted the optimal positions for each level and found I could often get to level 12 or 13 with maybe only a couple of fails. For the higher levels…
    kategorisi Technicus Broken eibbed62 (AU1) tarafından yorum 11.07.2020
  • Real Evil Looks Invincible Consistently. Because Large Overly Odious Deserters Carry Relic Order Weapons Into Non Violent Interactions, Now Causing Infernal Bloodcrows Last Epic RELIC BLOODCROWS INVINCIBLE Enjoy. Debbie
    kategorisi July Forum competition eibbed62 (AU1) tarafından yorum 11.07.2020
  • I find it incredible that a "game" company, which has been around as long as GG, can't do an update or fix without breaking something else in the game. Sounds like they need to get a few better programmers in who really know their job and maybe start from scratch. Perhaps then we will have a game that is truly a joy to…
    kategorisi Bug eibbed62 (AU1) tarafından yorum 11.07.2020
  • Hahaha well I'm never gonna get there unless GG introduce a way to get construction and update tokens in abundance for players who don't/won't/can't get them from Outers Plod, plod, plod. Good luck all. Debbie
    kategorisi How to earn Sceats? eibbed62 (AU1) tarafından yorum 29.06.2020
  • I too have lost all the decos I had boxed up in my warehouse. I want them back. Please fix this urgently. Regards, Debbie
  • Hello @"Zoe", @"Crom Cruach", @"Poseidon X Angel", or anyone else who might have some insight 1) I would like to know what this is all about. Why is there no information about our performance on the performance tab? 2) Why have new observation towers and city states only reformed around a few sections of the map today?…
  • For me, the cooldown bug seems to be fixed at the moment. Thank you GGS. Now we just need the spy bug to be fixed and I will start feeling comfortable again. Thanks in advance. Debbie
    kategorisi Khan cooldown bug eibbed62 (AU1) tarafından yorum 29.04.2020
  • This same issue is happening on AU1 as well. Please fix urgently. Thank you, Debbie
  • I can't find the reward shop. There is only travelling merchant and mercenary shop out the front of my castle. Do I have to meet some conditions before the reward shop appears? and if not, where can I find it? Thanks in advance, Debbie edit: All good. I managed to find it. Apologies for the inconvenience
  • I would like to say thank you for finally listening to the players and condensing the offers down to one icon. YAY!!!! As for anything else, I will have to explore for a bit to see what else has changed. I will submit further comments as and when I have need. Thank you, Debbie
  • Well here we are. The BTH event has just finished and after spending a week collecting and losing influence and sitting around 2-300 in the rankings, dropping to 798 with 1 hour to go, we end up with no reward and nothing to show for all our efforts. Yay!! A truly worthwhile experience once again. And as per usual, we have…
Easier said than done @"Wasso (INT3)", I didn't even see an observation tower or city state within 100 clicks until this morning, and by then it was too late to capture them. And how is it that some alliances are able to hide their capital by transferring it to another player down the list, then having their leader…