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  • The ONLY way GGS are going to get any more money from me, is if they sort out the messes they have made with the game! I mention all this below in this chat, because Sams is an example of all the below: 1. I refused to give them any more money, just to see them either spend said monies on events that are then canned, or…
  • I recall people kicking up a stink a few years ago, when GGS started reducing the time that Nomads and Sams were in play, vs FL and BC. I see they are back at it again! Not only do we STILL have no Sams, but Nomads were only running for 3 days! And now we have BC event here for 5 days!Slowly but surely I am getting more…
  • We will see!
  • I just object to being seen as a puching bag for complete tools from other servers ( and tools from mine too) who have such little vision or excitment in their life, that they actually spend money on this part of the game!I wont be back next time!GGS, how about bringing back other events, such as the Royal Capital. Or…
  • So, we just had some pretty big changes to the game come in to effect (yesterdays update). It would seem that the Test Server would have been exactly the right place to test and gather feedback from these changes. But the Test Server has not been online for weeks now. Despite being told it was going to be turned on on the…
    kategorisi Testserver Schedule SlayerJames1 (GB1) tarafından yorum 31.05.2017
  • Remember, this is GG we are talking about! So apart from the odd person popping onto the Forum, there will NOT be anyone working on this, as it's now the weekend! If there were, it would have been fixed yesterday! Plus, they are likely just to throw section 1.3 of the Terms of Service in our faces: "Goodgame Studios…
    kategorisi Loading Issues SlayerJames1 (GB1) tarafından yorum 11.02.2017