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  • Clicking "Delete All Sites" on this page here will clear your Flash Cache. Or you will need to do it in the Flash settings which are in Control Panel. Control Panel -> Flash Player -> Delete All... This will clear Flash Cache. CTRL…
  • Suggest you put food in to player's accounts whilst they are unable to log on. Preventing desertions is going to prevent a whole lot of moaning!
    kategorisi Loading Issues Chris2307 (GB1) tarafından yorum 10.02.2017
  • The intention is to only have the test server running when GGS want something to be tested. This is necessary to prevent the test server from becoming a legitimate server in its own right.
 They should have done this really back when it first broke. GGS don't do forward thinking though.
 You made a thread complaining at the lack of free gifts for Christmas? Talk about feeling entitled.
    kategorisi What the heck gge ? Chris2307 (GB1) tarafından yorum 23.12.2016
 No. This is a silly idea. The test server NEEDS to be shut down when it's not testing something to prevent people from using it as a genuine server to play on. If you aren't interested in actually testing stuff and just want to use it as a place to get loads of rubies/coins/troops, then take yourself off of there as…
    kategorisi Test Server Chris2307 (GB1) tarafından yorum 23.12.2016
  • I'm glad that other people are seeing that something needs to change. In my opinion, I think the other suggestion is a little convoluted which is why I suggested banning anyone from starting a new alliance until they are level 70. I am open to people disagreeing with me on the level which I have suggested but for me, it's…
    kategorisi Meta suggestions Chris2307 (GB1) tarafından yorum 23.12.2016
  • I've already suggested that alliances can only be started by level 70s. This would decrease the number of new alliances created and left to rot by players who start the game and never return. It would also force new players to join other alliances, as opposed to creating their own. New players would be more likely to meet…
    kategorisi Meta suggestions Chris2307 (GB1) tarafından yorum 22.12.2016
  • The ability to 1+1 was removed because exploiting it using a bot was still preferable to using the auto-recruit feature. Yes, it's a bit ugly but it is a result of cheats who refuse to play legitimately.
 This idea has been suggested many times. Personally, I'd like to see something similar. I do understand though that the need for this is reduced since the introduction of decent castellan sets (i,e, Kala, Samurai, Ice) but if you are looking to build castellans made from legendary pieces or mixed unique pieces, then…
    kategorisi mannequin Chris2307 (GB1) tarafından yorum 07.12.2016
If you level up too quickly, your relatively undeveloped castellans and commanders will put you at a greater disadvantage when it comes to PvP and competing in events.
    kategorisi testserver not working Chris2307 (GB1) tarafından yorum 03.12.2016
 It did this for me using Google Chrome. I switched to Edge in the end to get it to work. 
    kategorisi Test Server? Chris2307 (GB1) tarafından yorum 03.12.2016
 I think you need to revisit the maths you have done there. What Phil suggested would absolutely make farms worthless in terms of "generating" res out of thin air. In your example, the player farming the inactive account makes zero profit... what is the point in that?
Says the server who bans attacks on OPs. Or did you get rid of that daft rule?
    kategorisi Oh hell no Chris2307 (GB1) tarafından yorum 22.11.2016
  • Agreed on the increased storage. It's not like BFC is asking for us to be given more skips but simply more of a chance to retain the ones which we earn when the Nomads are here! They come in so quickly, often the skips well exceed the cap and you end up wasting them.
    kategorisi SKIPS Chris2307 (GB1) tarafından yorum 21.10.2016
  • There used to be TV adverts (in the UK) for Goodgame Empire. It's the sole reason I started playing. I'd love to see more of this because the game needs fresh players. Twitch though? I honestly would rather watch paint dry. GGE is not a game for twitch! lol
  • I think we're talking about the level 70 one here. For me, it's a bit naff and a bit half-baked. I don't really get why there are a couple of gems with Glory and then a Hero with NPC stats. The two don't really go hand in hand and it's a complete mismatch! I think either the hero needs to be changed (perhaps to 40% wall…
    kategorisi Nail biter Commander Chris2307 (GB1) tarafından yorum 21.10.2016
 I think the Berimond rewards are better than what they were, apart from the missing decorations. I don't really mind that the top decoration was cut down from 2 to 1 but it woud be nice to see the 10k decoration put back in there. As for the other changes, the material bags are a huge boost every time the Berimond…
  • Did you check your junk folder? I use Gmail and those emails tend to get filed under the "Promotions" tab. 
    kategorisi GGE Gifts by E-Mail Chris2307 (GB1) tarafından yorum 18.10.2016