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  • Kingdom of Dan (IN1)
    Hi @Poseidon X Angel , I just want to inform about a slight mistake that happened and want to know whether it could be rectified. I had just recently(a few minutes ago) mistakenly purchased the the costliest version of the horsetail standards item from the blacksmith thinking it was the lower cost variant and in the process, spent my entire saving of  silver coins. I want to know whether the silver could be redeemed and if the extra horsetails could be deleted from my account. I would be very helpful if this could be done since it was my entire saving. I have already contacted the support.


    Kingdom of Dan

    • Poseidon X Angel
      Poseidon X Angel
      Hello Dan, I can't help you but someone at support can.
    • Kingdom of Dan (IN1)
      Kingdom of Dan (IN1)
      Ok, I will wait for the support. Anyway, thanks for confirming :)
  • Herc7407 (US1)
    I've just been made aware of changes made to "original" food production build items in the construction yard... attempting to build anything over level 3 now requires that Millions of coins be spent somewhere in research?? Can you explain these changes please!? I have a teaching alliance I am trying to explain these things too .
    Dude wth are you guys doing?? How do you expect new players coming in to compete with what has become a ruby buyers heaven?
    I've played this game almost from its first days and I do indeed buy rubies but I have to tell you I have never seen US1 as bad as it is now. All it takes is a glance around the map to see that what was once a map full of players is now pretty much a desert.. empty areas everywhere.
    In my honest opinion alot of this is due simply to changes that have made, playing this game on a budget is becoming damn near impossible.
    How can we expect this game to survive if new players coming in a discouraged by these changes?
  • Davethe Rave (GB1)
    I saw your post on changes to Outer Realms scoring but still cannot figure it out. Masters of Might is running at present and I can see the daily ranking points of 17,000 and the might points but where does all the rest of the scoring come from. There do not seem to be any multipliers in place or if they are they cannot be seen per your post. Do you have any idea?
    • Poseidon X Angel
      Poseidon X Angel
      The more might you have the higher you rank on the leaderboard, the higher you are on the leaderboard the more points you get at the reset. All these points get added up to make your final score.
  • WarlordStrider (GB1)
    You guys have totally fucked up this game so you can shove it where the sun don't shine
  • CJM9 (US1)
    i was wondering if u can tell me if an an alliance changed it's name and to what, the alliance in question is exodus2, in usa1, one of the accts was hacked and the alliance was dissolved when they booted the leader, i would like to know if they changed the alliance name and to what, i had that alliance for over 8yrs

    thks cjm9
    • Poseidon X Angel
      Poseidon X Angel
      Hi, I can't see stuff like that, I am just a player like the rest of you. I can only moderate the forum.
    • CJM9 (US1)
      CJM9 (US1)
      well it has happened to a cpl of alliances, and i lost all my pm's, so if u have any contact with the game ppl, i would think they need to look into it