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  • I wouldn't worry about the mead banner until you're well into mead troops, like not just main, but OPs as well. As of now I'm just main and one OP, so I'm not concerned with getting a mead banner, but the food banner is a big help.
  • @Poseidon Are the alliance awards from the most recent Bloodcrows going to be payed out? or are they lost forever? 
  • You should have got the bronze box (1st one), but the silver and gold as well as the other awards after they adjusted the glory points requirements are in limbo. I asked about this in the update thread feedback, but I guess the mods can't get an answer during the weekend.
  • It appears that the alliance glory requirements got lowered, but the rewards did not get distributed. Are they going to be distributed after it ends or are they still working on a solution? For example, the bronze box got distributed when the required glory was achieved, but the silver box did not. Finished all glory…
  • Something changed a few months ago. I was getting 30k+ up to 40k from level 80 forts, now it is 20k to 30k.
  • In addition they cut the coins by somewhere like 60% which I haven't seen mentioned. One might wonder if they aren't trying to kill the game off. 5
  • It's not fine for me either. I've seen 3 in an hour where just a couple days ago I would have 10 plus in 30 mins while doing other things. Something seems to be going on. Basically 2 hours to click 10 citizens, mostly wasted time as I was just sitting in castles waiting for one to appear. For the record I'm at level 6 for…
  • A little bait & switch action.
  • That is the same code as the link you gave me. I tried it again out of desperation before I contacted support and to day it worked, go figure. Thanks for your help poiuyt
  • Unfortunately that isn't a valid code from that website. Shame there isn't any company representation in these forums anymore to address these type things.
  • Thanks for that (presuming it works). I looked on Discord, but couldn't find anything in that mess of a chatroom, lol.
  • Well, I took a deep breath, crossed my fingers, and held my nose. I can now confirm that it is a buy once affair. I got the previous level bonuses as well. It would have been nice to have had confirmation from a CM or a player who had experience with this offer, but it all ende well.
  • I appreciate the response Wasso. I'm still in the pre legendary levels and if this offer is a pay once affair, then it works out as advertised. I would like confirmation though as I've played this game in the past and don't have good reason to trust gge on assumptions. Hopefully a CM will respond.
  • That did the trick. Thank you very much
  • Support says that it is because my Alliance came into being after the start of the LTPE, of course that doesn't explain why the alliance awards (doubloons) were awarded, but not the decorations. It is gge logic though.
  • Thank you very much