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Relic Build items

Just don't game already unbalanced scratch that and realize yourself why it's stupid to introduce them if you can't do that learn why, cause if you cannot realize that yourself [whoever is responsible[ you are not fit for the job you got.

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  • bernhardt (US1)bernhardt (US1) US1 Posts: 978
    @Herveus (AU1)  @Dr. Cortex

    Herv must have been grumpy....

    I second Herv's opinion of just don't.  There's already way too much food in the game.  The top players are already impervious to single pvp attacks at all their locations without alliance support even if all of their locations are attacked simultaneously.  They certainly don't need more defense, and I'm sure don't want to run even more trains at nomads/sams/fl/bc/beri in order to buy an ever increasing amount of tools and troops just to keep up with the Schmidts.

    As for the better fl/bc castles I haven't noticed an improvement worth mentioning.  I have noticed the dethrone is gone, and that there aren't any of the global effects - at least not shown they way they are in the OR.

  • Dr. CortexDr. Cortex Bugwatch Posts: 305
    Good morning @bernhardt (US1)

    I will forward your feedback to our design team. :)

    One global effect should be active now and I will schedule a different one for a later point.
    Dethrone is currently not active on the test server but don't worry, it is still in the game and will be active on the normal live servers. 
  • Wasso (INT3)Wasso (INT3) INT3 Posts: 3,332
    The addition of the new food/storage items does not surprise me.  These seem to be difficult to achieve and will be targeted to the 70/800's who have nothing else to do.  The concerns mentioned above are 100% valid.  However, as the updates have been heavily focused on these Long-Term Players, this is what they will want.  

    It WILL widen the gap between those who purchase from those who don't, and from those who have been here for 5 years and those who joined in the last year.  If the goal is to keep the Top Players/Spenders engaged, this is great for them.  But, it WILL be widely criticized by the non-buyer/newer players.

    Good night.
    Sleep well.
    I'll most likely kill you in the morning.

  • bernhardt (US1)bernhardt (US1) US1 Posts: 978
    @Wasso (INT3)   @Dr. Cortex

    Last gift:  The coins were much appreciated.  I'm sure many who have used up their 24hr skips would have appreciated 20 or so along with the coins so they could finish the research in time to give you feedback....

    Global effect wore off before I logged on.  At least if it's displayed the same way as on the outer realms server.  Suggest a 48hr global effect.  Good to know that the dethrone feature is turned off on purpose here for test purposes.

    Keeping the long term and buyer players engaged is good.  Just don't think more food production even if it takes a long while is the way to go.  We can't judge how long term getting them would be since we don't know how many are going to be awarded as rewards, and I don't know how many buyers will have the patience to earn them if you can't buy them.  Just look at the relic tokens - there are a number of people who have stated that they wished they could buy directly(as opposed to buying a placing in the the OR).  I think a better way to keep the long term and buyer players engaged would be to come up with some kind of PvP event that encourages attacks on strong players in strong alliances where actually winning doesn't matter(like the SS), but requires a strong attack to earn points(unlike the SS where token attacks are the way to go).  The event should also reward the defender of the attacks.  No anonymous attacks like the collector events.  This event should cost AND payout according to the cost(s)/difficulty.  Hit too far down in might and alliance might and get punished in the reward dept.  To make it fair, do the same for hitting up too far(higher player should be able to retaliate without getting punished).  Tell the design team to start thinking.....

  • Dr. CortexDr. Cortex Bugwatch Posts: 305
    @bernhardt (US1)
    Thanks for your feedback, I will forward it to the design department. :)

    Adding some skips in today's gift is a good idea. I will schedule it for later today. Also, I just started the global effect again. 
    Once the Foreign Lords are gone, I will start the Bloodcrow event with a 48hr global effect. 

  • Wasso (INT3)Wasso (INT3) INT3 Posts: 3,332
    edited 23.08.2019

    Can you post what the Global Effects are?  We get the gibberish version...…...

    Good night.
    Sleep well.
    I'll most likely kill you in the morning.

  • Dr. CortexDr. Cortex Bugwatch Posts: 305
    They are the same effects as yesterday :)

  • bernhardt (US1)bernhardt (US1) US1 Posts: 978
    Thanks for the the acknowledgement and the gift of troops.  I managed to kill all of mine off on the FL.  Sent too few troops in a loss to a large target.  I had made a comment earlier about not noticing a difference in the troops.  I take it back.  While a 3-500 troop castle is possible, the incidence of them is much lower, and that of larger castles seems to be higher, so I would say the adjustment is working.  I don't think I would bring the global effects along with the adjustments to the main servers.  No point in it at this point if you think about it.  Would just inflate the glory for no purpose.  I think the troop adjustments ought to suffice, leaving GGE the option to adjust troop numbers upwards again in the future and keeping the global (glory) effects in reserve or as a "special" occasion treat.

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