Decoration forge not ready

First off, the introductory instructions/help are clear as mud, and the initial interface is setup backwards.  It should be buy fusion coins, buy fusion dust, make catalyst items, and then finally select sacrificial decoration/decoration for improvement/catalyst. 

Other things that are unclear/unknown that will have a large impact on the viability of this feature are the quantity of fusion coins and dust earned/given as rewards throughout game and what the distribution is on the activity scale.  Another unknown is the recharge rate of the fusion energy:  Is it per hour, day, month, year?  What is the refresh/update cycle?  All I know for sure is my energy level hasn't changed from 200 in the last 3 hrs or so of me checking on it.  Fusion energy regeneration may not be working.

There appears to be a limit of 50 fused decorations in storage.  There appears to be a deco attribute bug because I have 2 gold colossuses(both unfused) that when in storage take up a fused deco spot.

The following are issues shown and explained in screenshot:

Forge upgrading window:

Catalyst conversion(ie making a catalyst) window:

Source and catalyst(sacrificial deco and catalyst selection window):

A little bit of review here: 

Having spent over 600k rubies of house money(It is the test server after all and the first time we're actually testing something in a long time-not one of the recent updates ever saw the light of day here), I feel I've used the forge enough to offer this review up.  As a pure ruby play, the forge is a very, very expensive way of getting a good deco.  Plan on using this forge on only your very best decos.

In its current state this feature is NOT READY for the regular servers.  Fix and bring it back here for another scrubbing.  If GGE does not do this, there will be many, many unhappy people and lots and lots and lots of support tickets.  You, GGE, do not have enough player goodwill to squander anymore.  


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    I think that this feature is too complited for many users, made SIMPLE things, he game does not need complications!
    I'm agree with bernhardt and I think that this feature should be simplified or better not to do it!

    if we have to test it we NEED material, coins, catalyst ecc.. or nobody test it correctly
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  • Dr. CortexDr. Cortex Posts: 305Bugwatch
    Thank you for your feedback. We forwarded it to the development team.
  • ciscous (IT1)ciscous (IT1) Posts: 3,739IT1
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    forge icon overwrite villages icon, please don't make this error in the live server.

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