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Ok enjoyed it when it took just minutes to spy and attack. 
Revised travel times are to long and way to costly. 

Now that we see rewards. 
Hope they are not planned rewards? 
They just plain suck!

Hard to test this on test server. 
To many out there have 10k to 30 plus k troops. 
To many have no troops. Odd to lose troops to players with few troops?
ObarfoUser @ usa 1


  • ObarfoUser (US1)ObarfoUser (US1) US1 Posts: 114
    Add on, returning troops are very slow.
    Would like to see that speeded up some. 
    ObarfoUser @ usa 1
  • ObarfoUser (US1)ObarfoUser (US1) US1 Posts: 114
    OK after playing for a couple days with the new format. it does seem to be a slight improvement.

    However. I do not see the point in spending Rubies to hit more than 5 Shape shifters?

    I would spend if the new score on the 6th replaced the lowest score of the 1st 5. After all it's a competition right?

    It's still takes to long. 8 hours for 5 attacks full tooled attacks with top speed and feathers?

    Tool loss for the attacker is to costly to make this worth playing for the best score.

    ObarfoUser @ usa 1
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