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[27/07/2017] Open Beta opens today

WintermuteWintermute Bugwatch Posts: 325
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Hey guys,

open beta will open its gates today. I don't know the exact time yet, but I expect it to be available latest sometime in the afternoon (europe central time). There are no new dedicated features as such to test because most of the content this time is about updating the new rewards.

The main feature however is something players will most likely going to like: During Updates, the food consumption for troops will be paused, which means, troops should not desert anymore in times we have to shut down the server.

Also, we will run the nomads with khan camp this time. Please make a good use of it and try to look out for the following error: During the last time it ran on the live servers we received a lot of complains from players, that they can't taunt the khan even with a full rage bar, because the button was greyed out. If you encounter something like this, please take a screenshot for that and share the exact steps you did to get the error. Sadly, on our internal testservers we were not able to reproduce the issue.


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  • WintermuteWintermute Bugwatch Posts: 325
    One additional information. Usually we have all translations ready by the time we update open beta. This time however translations will take a little longer. This means, all languages besides English might be faulty. For now please don't report any language bugs you might encounter because we are aware that some languages are not done yet. There is a high probability that most of the issues will get fixed once the translations arrived.
  • WintermuteWintermute Bugwatch Posts: 325

    the update is already live and it's time again for open beta to shut its doors. Sometime today we will turn off the server.

    See you around next time and thanks for your help!
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