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Reopening - Berimond Returns to the Open Test Server and needs you!

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Hey everyone,

The Test Server will be reopened this week in order to assess the stability of the Battle of Berimond.

Our development team has worked diligently to resolve the performance issues many players were facing while taking part in this event so that we can see it return to our live servers as soon as possible.

The more players we have taking part in the final iteration of tests the easier it will be for us to improve the condition of the event for the whole community before initiating it on the live servers, thus your participation will be greatly appreciated.

We will of course send you gifts on the test server to support your activity in the event.

You will be able to find more detailed information on the timeline on this forum.

Please remember that communication here is done in English and that the Bugwatch team will be your only contact point.

Testingly yours,
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