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So, I recently started playing GGE again after leaving it for about 2 years, and let me just say the experience wasnt really different.
In fact, it got worse. On older accounts I didnt really participate in the Beyond the Horizon event, but now I did. It has been a misery.
We need to talk. Like seriously...

What is the goal of the game devs? To have a game that people can enjoy and have a nice community, or to have a bunch of people who spend money on it so they can ruin anybody else's experience? A lot of people told me, that the reason I might want to pay, is to help you devs and show support for a game I love. Well, they might be right. I might want to spend thousands of dollars on a game I am gonna leave after 2-3 years and probably never play again, because of course, the game doesnt provide any new content. And also, we need to think a little bit about this statement: am I really paying to support the devs, or am I paying to support more advertisements, more ruby offers popping up every 5 minutes in my face and covering my entire screen for eternity? Because lets be real, this is exactly that is happening. "Defeat those ads!"- you have to read this crap every time you log in, and almost every time when you switch to another one of your castles.

Lets go back to the BTH event. "What happened there?"- you are still wondering. Well, i got attecked by a german alliance, wher every single member clearly purchased a whole bunch of rubies. How do I know? They have already reached level 40, when I joined the event, so basically after 3 hours the event started. I get one city state, and immidiately get attacked for it by 6 members. "Oh they attacked you, whats the big deal, its part of the game?" - That is what most people might say. Is it really the part of the game, that non-spenders get attacked 6 times at once buy veteran demon and deathly horrors? Come on now... You know its unfair. Give me the same amount of money you spend on the game, I get the same amount of rubies, and work from there. Lets see then, which one of us is better? You who only spent money to make yourself look better, or me, who actually played the game legit, and learned most of the things about it? Yeah, I thought so...

Dont get me wrong, I am not saying paying for the game is bad, but I dont like the direction the game is going.
Please, share your thoughts even if you pay for the game! 


  • LOL, sometimes I go OUTA MY WAY TO KILL PAY TO WINNERS!!!   mad some little Jerk level 48 PTW guy who bullied me till I was level 54 lose about idk 352$?     Bought gem units all the time and had gem commanders...   IT SUCKED but each time I wacked him back I always thought 20$ down the drain!
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