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Alliance attacks

Fellow Empire players,

I have just returned to the game after a 6 year break and find things to be a little different. When I played before I played in an alliance where we regularly attacked and defended as a group against other alliances. Sometimes attacking late at night. Sometimes in the middle of the night. We had lines of communication outside of the game and would happily wake up at 4am to repulse another alliance attack. To be honest it was the most fun I'd ever had playing a game. Attacking and defending as one very large coordinated team made the chat brilliant because it required so much communication and organization. Having just started up again from scratch I am beginning to realize this style of play does not seem to be followed anymore. I've been told it's unfair. But it's a war game. Seems like it's just a form of meditation now. In other words, very quiet. Like all the fun has been strangled out of it. Are there any alliances out there playing in the way I describe?
Or do I have to go find another game to play?



  • Now many players are scared by the war, and a lot of people attack only NPC castles. But the biggest alliances are often in wars (in my server) and the small alliances who have been in war with the big alliances stopped PvP because they were scared by the possibility of a long war.

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