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I don't understand what we are supposed to be testing right now.  I was online yesterday and nothing was going on, and then this morning found a message that the time had run out on the Pirates of the Blade Coast.  I never even saw it on the screen to play it.

Also, why are there no shops of any kind in the castle areas?  I have seen a merchant shop maybe one time last year, but nothing since.  There is no armorer shop, equipment shop, Nobility Contests, Wheel of Fortune (new or old ones, or events to play in.  I keep losing troops because I can't get food to keep my soldiers alive long enough to use them.  Is there anything to test here?


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All of the following are unfair practices by GGS and I protest them all:

  1. A huge amount of special offers and such.  We asked if they could put them in our mailboxes instead of on the screen.  They put them in our mailboxes, and left them on the screen, and also increased the number of these things.  
  2. The Foreign Invasion and Bloodcrows Events that give you level 70 castles that are pretty shitty.  And then you have to spend games tokens, coins or rubies to get a decent castle.
  3. This Master Blacksmith feature is ridiculous.  With the points given out the Monthly Event for each hit being so low, it is impossible to get even down the first page where the Season Booster is. 
  4. The new Kingdom League that gives you so-so rewards unless you buy a season pass for 17,600 rubies.
  5. All improvements to the game that require more and more Rubies to be purchased and spent.  How about some improvements for those players who don't, those who do occasionally but now have to purchase more and more, or can't buy Rubies?
  6. Changes to events that allow only the "Ruby Whales" to obtain a full set of some really great equipment sets.
  7. A large number of challenges going on at the same time which makes it impossible to master them all and the icons for the events, and pop-ups that fill up my screen. Like right now, Nov. 25, 2019, I have 4 Icons on the left by the Message box going vertically up the screen, and I have three icons on the right side by the toolbar going vertically up (sometimes it's 4 on the right), plus all but one of the icons has arrows to flip through the offers.  Too much of my screen is covered with this nonsense.
  8. The never-ending Sale Pop-ups that I have to keep closing these boxes and having these pop-ups interfering with tasks I am doing.
  9. And any more events that require the use of large amounts of Rubies.  It’s about time for GGS to pay attention to all the players.


  • Wasso (INT3)Wasso (INT3) INT3 Posts: 2,530
    You could build your Conservatory.  But, since that has already been added to the live game, I wouldn't call it "testing" anymore.

    This is the way it has been the last couple runs.  We have to poke around and try to find the new thing that they set out in here.  They really don't want US to test it.  They clearly view the item showing up in this server as test enough...….
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