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It's time to open the gates once more!

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Dear Lords and Ladies,

The server will return once more at between 1pm and 3pm today!

We want to make you aware of the fact that the features which you’ll encounter on our test servers are indeed just a test. What does that mean? Well, it is not guaranteed that these features will make it into the final update version of our live servers. That’s why we would highly appreciate any feedback that you can provide us when it comes to the features listed below.

Your participation on our test server is invaluable for the development of our games and we deeply thank you for playing our games - both on the test server as well as on our live servers.  

Relic Equipment Adjustments 

Implementation Summary: 

We will adjust our current roster of relic equipment so much so that the value of the effects that you get when generating equipment in your smithy will be much more distinct than they are now. This means that we’ll also implement a new distinguishable characteristic to our relic equipment by “enlarging” our effect ratings from 3 to 7.

Feature/Implementation Explanation

  • Works similar to the current effect strength ratings, but will be enlarged as follows:

    • The new rating will still be distinguishable by additional stars 

      • lower effect ratings are represented by fewer stars 

      • higher effect ratings are represented by more stars 

    • Each respective rating (1-7) will be depicted as follows (starting with the weakest): 

      • 1 x blue star rating (lowest rating) 

      • 2 x blue star rating 

      • 3 x blue star rating

      • 1 x silver star, 2 x blue star rating

      • 2 x silver star, 1 x blue star rating

      • 3 silver star rating 

      • 3 gold star rating (highest rating)

  • The new star rating for undefined equipment will be shown under the equipment category icon like this (in case of undefined relic gems): 

  • When it comes to defined relic equipment then the rating will be shown next to the effects themselves as an effect rating (similar to the live version)

  • This change will be applied to both quest rewards and general rewards 


Invasion Rewards Upgrade - Gold Coins/Silver Coins + respective shop 

Implementation Summary:
We will update the invasion events rewards (such as for Nomads, Bloodcrows, etc.). This update specifically implements 2 new currencies and a mechanic to spend them in a shop, in order for you to select your rewards of choice.

Feature/Implementation Explanation

  • Works very similar to our current live version of the blacksmith apprentice 

  • New and updated reward pools will solely include the following currencies (comparable to blacksmith apprentice tokens)

    • Silver Coins 

    • Gold Coins

    • Again: You can earn both of these as activity rewards in our invasion events 

      • Gold currency can be earned via our long term point event and by playing our invasion events

      • Silver currency can be earned by playing our invasion events 

  • You can spend these coins in the respective shops, in order to obtain the rewards of your choice: 

    • Silver Shop = Use Silver Coins

    • Gold Shop = Use Gold Coins 

  • The Silver Shop will provide you with troops, tools, deco fusion materials (dust, catalysts, fusion decorations, etc.), time skips, VIP points/-time, Wheel of Fortune tickets, fast travel feathers, and various material sacks.

The Gold Shop will predominantly provide you with unique equipment pieces (meaning individual single pieces) and full sets, construction items and zodiac decorations. But you’d also be able to obtain certain other rewards from the Silver.

Have fun and greetings from Hamburg,

Dr. Cortex
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