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@Dr. Cortex

You looking for feedback on a tweak of these?  If so, I see no difference with just a quick look.  As such previous stance still stands:  Not enough reward for the cost involved with the higher castles/villages.  Probably should up the number of bushido points per daimyo token earned.


  • Dr. CortexDr. Cortex Bugwatch Posts: 305
    Good morning,

    I don't know when/ if further adjustments are planned but I will gladly forward your feedback. Thank you. :)
  • Wasso (INT3)Wasso (INT3) INT3 Posts: 3,054
    How about allowing Defensive Hall effects to bring to the Township?  I have the Technical Innovator for my Main.  It shows as placeable on the setup for the Township, but once set it gets removed.

    As seen above, the 5th slot can be loaded on the Left Flank.  However, once this dialog is closed and reopened, the 5th slot is empty as demonstrated on the Right Flank.

    What is supposed to happen?  Is it supposed to be there, or not?

    It needs to either stay, or not be shown available at all...….
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