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    HTML HeaderHTML 5 Update April Since our update on Goodgame Empire to HTML 5 we have been busily working away on improving your playing experience based on feedback given to us from the community. Just as a sample of what we have been doing the following issues have been dealt with:

    • Tool tips not showing as intended
    • Smoother scrolling with the mouse wheel
    • Adjusting the sorting order for tools to show them correctly

    After those issues above our first priority has been blurry artwork. While many of these problems were caused by a mismatch between the browser zoom and the monitor some most definitely originated on our end. Workarounds for this are outlined on our forum, please visit there if you are still experiencing problems. To ameliorate the issues from our end we have reduced the file size on 50 of our artwork assets and scaled others up by a factor of 20%. This has resulted in the loading speed remaining constant while the quality of our images has improved.

    Fixed assetsAs you can see in the above image, we have eliminated most if not all of the problems.

    Performance was another issue we felt we had to prioritise. A lot of fixes we tried just didn’t provide the improvement we wanted and so we had to go for a more radical change. The first steps have been small ones but we are looking at switching provider to deliver our graphics. This is still ongoing but we can thankfully report that we are now faster than before and think we can make a much bigger improvement over the course of the next few updates.

    We will continue to keep you updated as we continue to provide updates to our HTML5 service

    fujiwara @ en-1
    fujiwara @ us-1

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