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Enlist to the Military Academy today!

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It's been a while but we will open the gates to our new features today at around 2pm.
The biggest change will be our new Military Academy.

The Military Academy is the third building in our Relics Building Series. This building offers some nice effects against Invasion events. The higher the level of the building the more possibilities are unlocked. Let’s detail the basics first:

  • This building can only be constructed in your Main Castle.

  • It’s effects apply for all outposts and the main Kingdom in the Green Kingdom.

  • You are limited to only one.

Once you have built the Military Academy you will unlock Training Programs. You will be presented with a random set of three Training Programs every day which you will be randomly generated via a roll. You can select one from this list and pay the appropriate cost and this will then become active and its effect will be applied in battle. This effect will run for a limited amount of time, usually two hours before you have upgraded the building and once it is exhausted you will have to choose another. You will have five free re-rolls per day. You will be able to purchase additional re-rolls with event currency though the exact currency will also change on a day to day basis.

Each Training Program can affect an event, some specific units and has a variable strength. These factors are all generated when you roll for your Training Programs.

Upgrading the Officers School will unlock new units that can be affected by the Training Programs, it will also Increase the length of time a Training Program will run for and also increase the effect strength of the Training Program.You will be able to upgrade the building using Upgrade Tokens and with Construction Tokens.

I hope you enjoy the new features!

Best regards,

Dr. Cortex

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  • Dr. CortexDr. Cortex Bugwatch Posts: 305
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    Due to some unforeseen technical difficulties we had to delay it a bit but we will open the gates in a few minutes!
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