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Relics are coming

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We need your help! Tomorrow we will update the test server with a very new feature, something we are very proud of and something that we think you will really enjoy. “What is this something?” I hear you screaming at the monitor! It is the so-called Relics.

This is a totally new form of equipment and heroes, featuring never before seen effects. Each item possesses three effects that need to be identified after you collect the item. Commanders and Castellans will have five. Some of these effects will be more powerful than you are used to and some you won’t even have seen before. Hence why we are looking for feedback.

The Relics can be gained through quests but another way to obtain them is possible: the Alliance Smithy. This provides a way to forge your own Relics using either gold or rubies. The price increases with each newly forged item but resets daily.

Please consider this feature as a work in progress. It could release just as it stands right now but we want to hear from you, and other players, just what you think is good and bad.  You think they are too powerful? Well, let us know! You think they are too generic? Let us know! We want to hear it all! Your feedback will be given to the Game Team and they will make adjustments based on it.
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