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Je vous mets un problème sur mon jeu pour la déesse nature je vois marqué résolu mais c est pas vrai car j y suis retourné et je n ai rien reçu


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    All of the following are unfair practices by GGS and I protest them all:

    1. The new Kingdom League that gives you so-so rewards unless you buy a season pass for 17,600 rubies.All improvements to the game 
    2. that require more and more Rubies to be purchased and spent.  How about some improvements for those players who don't or can't buy Rubies?
    3. Changes to events that allow only the "Ruby Whales" to obtain a full set of some really great equipment sets.
    4. The large number of challenges going on at the same time which makes it impossible to master them all and the icons for the events, and pop-ups that fill up my screen.
    5. The never-ending Sale Pop-ups that I have to keep closing these boxes and having these pop-ups interfering with tasks I am doing.
    6. And any more of events that require the use of large amounts of Rubies.  It’s about time for GGS to pay attention to all the players.
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