berimond/this server session

bernhardt (US1)bernhardt (US1) Posts: 664US1
edited 14.02.2019 in Technical issues
Whatever you guys did last night seems to have erased the fact that Berimond was even run.  I was online playing beri last night when the server went offline with no warning.  Was in top 50 at the time.  Log in this morning and none of the usual post beri notices when logging on, instead I got the welcome back log in routine with the bonus return rubies.  I won't mention the food and troops that vanished as well.

Added on edit:  Looks like the whole test server run has vanished altogether from the server based on the chat log, the missing activity(getting different rvs), and the log in.  Shame on you for your silence.  I know this is a test server, but we as participants on it deserve more than your usual silence when things go wrong.
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