Foreign Lord Re-roll

Does not work as described.

According to the announcement( ) banishing is supposed to increase troops by 20-500 troops.  Does not reliably do this.

Had a castle with 7251( )troops.  Decided to banish it, and it was replaced by one with 821( ) troops.  This is not an increase as advertised.  Fortify doesn't always work either.

Functionality aside, the pricing is ludicrously expensive.   At the half of the current pricing schedule it(banishing/fortify) has to work on all the FL/BC castles a player has to attack on the map at that time.  If the price is to be per castle, then it should be about 1/10th of the current price, only increasing 50% each time it's used on a single castle, where each castle starts at the minimum price.  You'll get far, far more people at my price point than the current price point.

This feature is NOT READY FOR RELEASE.  You(GGE) didn't listen to me, and my comments on the decoration forge, and we know how that turned out, so do yourself a favor and listen to me this time.
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