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The server is back!

Dr. CortexDr. Cortex Bugwatch Posts: 305
edited 14.09.2018 in Announcements
Hi guys,

the time has come and today we will bring the server back!
With this update, we're going to implement a feature which is based on the feedback we got from you in regards to the various offer pop-up and how this sometimes affects your gameplay. We're going to introduce our new "Offer Spam Filter" in order to guarantee you a more fluid and convenient gameplay in critical dialogues. 

This filter will block offer popups while you're busy with in-game dialogues in the following screens: your pre-attack screen, battle set up screen, defensive set up screen, stationing units screen, spy screen, and horse selection screen.

Other features include the already teased Outer Realms event, our all-new subscription system and several new items.

Have fun!


  • Dr. CortexDr. Cortex Bugwatch Posts: 305
    edited 24.09.2018
    The testserver will shut down at around 11:30am. 
    Thanks a lot for your feedback and see you soon.
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