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The time has come: The Decoration Forge has arrived

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

on Monday, we will revive the server once again. This time, the biggest feature will, of course, be the Decoration Forge. Have fun playing around with it, but beware that there might be a few bugs here and there. Here is a small explanation of how the feature works.

How will the Fusion System work?

The name Fusion System itself already teases a bit of what you are going to do: You will fuse certain ingredients in order to create a better version of one of these components!

In short, this means that you will have to pick a target and fuse specific sources into it (sacrificing them in return) in order to get something better as your end result. So you will need one target and one source, as well as a specific fusion resource to make the whole process work. This system will be available for players of level 70 and above. 

The Fusion System includes two specific features that specify on the aforementioned creation process. They are fittingly called the Decoration Forge and the Equipment Forge (working titles).

The Decoration Forge:

The Decoration Forge will enable you to improve the decorations that you currently own, by fusing them with others. It is currently planned to work as follows:

  1. You pick a decoration as your target (the one that you want to improve)

  2. After doing that, you will be able to pick a source (another deco, e.g. a weaker one that you don’t want to use anymore) to fuse with your target decoration

  3. Then you select one of the fusion materials, in this case so called fusion catalysts

  4. After all of these 3 essential steps are taken you will be able to proceed with your fusion

Please note: In the aforementioned process of fusing your decorations, both the source, as well as the catalyst, will be sacrificed. This means that you will lose them in the process of crafting/fusing.

The previously mentioned and essential catalyst, will be obtainable by crafting them from another fusion material that will be called “Dust”  (working title). In the game you will have multiple sources of obtaining said “Dust”.

The decoration fusion itself will also cost fusion currency which will be obtainable by participating in our events. The amount of fusion currency required for getting the Decoration Forge working will be based on the fusion level of the decoration that you pick as a target. There will be an additional small cost of resources (under 5,000), but those costs are going to be fixed and will be comprised of

  • Iron

  • Coal

  • Oil

  • Glass

This system furthermore introduces the so called Decoration Fusion Levels. 
Those fusion levels will determine the amount of public order that your decorations will have in the end, as follows: the higher the fusion level of the decoration, the higher the public order value!

The decoration fusion will be reachable by clicking on a fusion system icon in your interface, right next to your Travel overview.

Best regards,

Dr. Cortex

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