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The server will open it's gates once more

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Hey guys,

our beloved testserver will open it's gates again today!

First of all, we want to apologize for the lost equipment with last updates, but this is how the cookie crumbles on a beta server. Things are supposed to break here so everything is safe and sound on our live servers. In order to make up for the loss we will include some EQ in the next gifts.

Also, when open beta opens it's gates today there will be no changes because it still the current live version. Instead you'll find a huge gift with lots of decorations for your main castle's inventore. Tomorrow we will update open beta to our new global decoration storage systems. Afterwards, please check if all your decorations are still there!

For testing, the global decoration system is the biggest content feature of this update. All your decorations should still be there and should be usable in all castles now. Also, with the change a new mechanic made its way into the game: If an outpost is captured, decorations will now return the the previous owner once occupation is successful.

We will also introduce a nice new equipment set that we will give out via the blue gift tomorrow. Have fun playing around with it and please check if all effects are working as intended.

We hope you are going to enjoy our latest update!
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