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Unfair play Bulliness of 65 players in an allainces

bulliness of level 70's...that are in higher/stronger levels.

why do they kill and destroy many times an alliance that play fair...they send false info.;...took all villages extr.

You just not strong enough and has no fair play of this game.

start make Rules of how many times they can attack...and stop send false and swearing to the lowe allainces.

I you mail to the supporters...they just said its a WAR game....

Question: " that this is not a war game, its a strategical building game and free for kids at 6 age, if it would be a war game those kids are not allow to play, they should read their own rules
 .. this is internet mobbing and collective organization of criminal destroying... this is against all internet rules on the world, especially in a game for kids with 6 age!
 they should read their own rules and contract sides^^ especially the ''fair game'' part :D:D:D:D


  • bernhardt (US1)bernhardt (US1) US1 Posts: 920
    This is the test server, we should all be here to help improve the game - ie test game functions out.  Not see how big & bad we are on this server.
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