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Underprepared lvl 70 event

First off, thanks for running the Underworld here on the test server as I hope that means you'll be running underwold/thorn/blade on the regular servers again - hopefully regularly.  Yes, I know many complain that they're tired, but if run regularly they are a way that people who have poor equipment(so poor that they can't effectively attack sams/nomads in a timely fashion to get that equipment) can earn some decent stuff.

We all know there are lots of people who advanced to lvl 70 far too fast.  Some in the belief that leveling was the proper thing to do(as it is in many games), others because they were clueless.  Many reached lvl 70 before the season events started, and many never completed a set from the season events while they were below lvl 70.  Many of these low achieving lvl 70s don't care, but some have decided to try and rectify their equipment problem.  Currently there is no way for them to get anything decent in an event- getting these people to hit rbs is also hard.  I realize that the shapeshifter/shadow king rewards are a way, but that is going to take this group of people 6mo to a year or more - time I don't think most will want to invest even if motivated if it means getting their butt kicked constantly in the meantime by things they have basically given up on attacking.  Once these people have something workable, they might actually become ruby buyers at least on a small scale.

So here's what I suggest:  An event/quest that is catered to them the rewards being both commander and castellan equipment.  Finish it and you get both a workable castellan and commander.  Say on the order of 70/70 with decent attributes at a +10 tech. level.  I'd just make them equipment/hero sets.  I think something like 200 green rb, 150 winter and 100 sand to finish it would be about right for the event - hitting things they can beat, but have to work at it to get the reward.  The 70/70 commander would be workable on sams/nomads, and the 70/70 castellan would encourage the better players to send support because it's not a guaranteed win for the attacker - boosting everyone's interest in the game.

I would expect you to get derision from the top players for this event, but I think it would be minimized if you explained what it was for as many top players recognize the need to keep these players in the game.
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