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SUB Listed catagories for commanders

Commanders could be sub split in the ATTACK screen into at least 3 different types of commanders to make them easier and quicker to select for the TYPE of attack being made.  At the moment It splits down between All your Commanders in one list and ALL your Castellans in the other.  However the current Commander list has  OVER 3 times the number of individual SETS than does the Castellan list and the attack screen would look MORE manageable with LESS commanders to select from of the type you need for the attack in hand.

 The TWO main types that are constantly switched over between are NPC and Castle Lord commanders.

The game ALWAYS runs a NPC Event then LORDS Event back to a NPC and so on, so 2 of the SUB commander sets would be for those 2 types of attack and maybe a third would contain all other types of commander sets.

Maybe each set could be set up by the player including how many they wanted in each set.

I often mix and match Glory type commanders and adjust the pieces and HERO's around to use them as extra NPC sets if I am hitting the nomads and samurai's in earnest and hence my sets can get all jumbled up with the other 24 sets to choose from but if I had them all sorted as an established NPC set in a NPC set listing before the start of the event then I can select a LORD type of set from another listing if Should want to send a PVP or a LAB attack during the NPC event and not get them mixed up.  Also during NPC events - TIME is of the essence, you cant afford to lose valuable seconds from selecting a set as is done now.

Most importantly - A LOT of new or inexperienced players send any old set against any old Target as they don't understand any difference but providing these extra listings WILL make them think more about the game and help with their future understanding of this aspect of the game. 

I know some bright spark will say move all your sets around and put NPC sets at the front and glory sets at the back.  I've done that for years in this game but I am constantly getting more sets from events and season events and doing that is a nightmare.


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