solution to try for 'NOT BEING ABLE TO LOG IN TO ACCOUNT'

Found this out - purely by co-incidence because my house electrics tripped and I was then ABLE to log in as normal after powering up again even though I had the same login errors that have been discussed and are STILL stopping many from getting onto the TEST SERVER!

The problem in my opinion is due to GGE having had an initial problem with EVERYONE and then developing a BUG against EVERY ones IP address.

Correct me if I'm wrong - cos I am no expert but:--

The IP address connection to the internet (or your WiFi) is set up by your MODEM that connects your PC to the internet and the problems lies there - NOT WITH ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOUR PC - or any settings on your PC as regarding internet connection - hence clearing your cache DOES NOT WORK!!

Losing power to my MODEM and its resetting - either reset the IP ADDRESS bug or set up a NEW IP ADDRESS which allowed me to log in  again with NO PROBLEMS.

AS an after note - All internet/WiFi suppliers tell you to 'NEVER TURN OFF YOUR MODEM'  and 99% of us leave it switched on all year round and that's why this BUG has never been sorted out by so many Players.  Well that is just BALLONEY.

So remove the plug to your modem for 20 secs - re boot it and see what that does for you.

If this does work - you need to say so on this discussion.  If it doesn't then I'm sorry
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