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Login Problems: Please create new accounts

Hey guys,

sadly there was a human error in the script that prevented your castles from getting ruined. Some castles got a corrupted time stamp and got broken beyond repair. We tried several times to correct the error, but in the end we have to admit it's not possible for us.

If you are affected, please create a new account (if you haven't already) and start again. Once I got more manpower in the office I'll check to get you guys more EQ and staff to start again.

Please remember: Things like this can always happen on a testserver. Actually, those errors are the reasons why testservers were invented.


  • WintermuteWintermute Bugwatch Posts: 325
    I have to correct my words. Our server devs did some wicked black magic and at least in one of the accounts we were finally able to log in. So, there is a chance that all accounts might work again. Please check if you can connect. If not, I would still recommend to follow the steps above, because according to server it was the final thing they were able to try.
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