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New Content and reopening on Wednesday

WintermuteWintermute Bugwatch Posts: 325
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Hi friends!

According to our current schedule, we will bring open beta back to live on Wednesday, 28th of June at some time during the day. Please find below a list of the upcoming content.

New Event Mechanic

The most noticeable change is the new event mechanic, which was incorporated in the alliance nomad event. With this new event every player of Level 70+ can face a new challenge with his alliance. On top of the four normal nomad camps a fifth camp will appear, which can be attacked by every alliance member. A successful attack will raise the rage counter of the this new enemy. Once it’s full you can choose to trigger an attack on you -- and if you defend successfully, you will receive khan medals!

In order to test the event we will run it several times on open beta with approx. a day of runtime. Please test attacks on the camps, defending the incoming rage attack, forwarding reports, exchanging currency for prizes and event finishers.

We hope, you like the new mechanic as much as we do.


New level mechanic for the master builder

The master builder will be changed a bit. Instead of having five Levels with max 25% reduction of building costs in the future there will be 35 Levels, each level granting an additional 1% Bonus to max 35% reduction.

For those, who already own a master builder, the following changes will happen during the update:

Old Level -> New Level

Level 1 -> Level 5

Level 2 -> Level 10

Level 3 -> Level 15

Level 4 -> Level 20

Level 5 -> Level 25


Please check your master builders if you got the right level and play around the the new ones.


Balancing changes

There are a couple of changes especially on ranking rewards:

  • The Lotus King will get new rewards for all level brackets

  • For the nomad and alliance nomad invasion rewards on all brackets have been updated

  • For samurai and alliance samurai invasion rewards on all brackets have been updated

  • There will be a new chain of quests for level 70+ players, that is quite long and challenging. As a reward for this series of quest there will be a 9 piece commander set that you collect throughout the quest chain

All those rewards can be checked by the time the event is running or via finishing the quest line.


As usual, this features are in progress and not fully polished yet. Nethertheless, they reached a state in which they can be presented and already tested by you guys. Have fun.

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  • Dr. CortexDr. Cortex Bugwatch Posts: 305
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    The server is up and running again! As Wintermute already said, the features are still in progress and there are some bugs left. Nevertheless, have fun!

    PS: There is a known issue with battle reports at the moment that should be fixed soon.
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  • WintermuteWintermute Bugwatch Posts: 325
    Some additional note.

    Due to a wave of sickness we are not able to react on this forum today, 29th of June. Be sure that we read everything, but please excuse if you don't write back directly today but rather tomorrow or the day after. In urgent cases, please write me a private message.

    Thanks for your understanding.
  • WintermuteWintermute Bugwatch Posts: 325

    since the upcoming update is approaching, it's time to share when open beta will be closed again. On Friday 7th of July around 11 am cest we will shutdown the server.

    Thanks for all the feedback and see you for next update.
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