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Remuve the royal capital please!!!!

Please someone from bug watch team remuve the royal capital bonuses, unfair in glory events with the bonus +100% and 30% from the honnor is a big bonus, and +100% from the alliance boost glory, + the food boost, is really unfair to play. In fr'lords and blood crows they have a really big advantage to play. 
Also the royal capital was remuved from the real servers months ago from the same problem, change it  please.

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  • KousagiloveKousagilove Guest Posts: 438
    Hi there Muffins,

    It would make sense indeed.
    We'll consider doing it during the Test server shutdown.
    This task has to be performed while the server is down in any case.

    I'll close this thread but if anyone has any feedback on this feel free to open a thread in the feedback section.

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