Major Bugs (not just 1, but A LOT)

So today I decided to finally join the test server and check out what this Hype bandwagon about all the 500k free rubies is and stuff...
But boy... it sure was Not a pleasant experience.

I created a new account on the test server and it started Severely lagging throughout every single action I took, I barely completed the first few quests which asked me to build woodcutters and a few other resource buildings and then the game crashed telling me to refresh the page and clear my cache.
After that it was only reasonable I did as the game asked and cleared my cache/browsing history and then reload the game to log back in, but then, turns out after logging in I'm stuck at lvl 3 with 0 quests to complete, I reloaded the game about 5 times to get this quest bug fixed up in which a lot of times I COULDN'T even LOGIN to my account because everytime I try to refresh I keep LOGGING OUT instead of being able to log back in. I tried switching browsers and going from Mozilla to Google Chrome but that didn't seem to fix anything, after millions of refreshes, logins, failures and disappointments I finally managed to miraculously load up the Quest page in-game and upgrade few of my buildings in-game, then there was a quest which asked me to attack an RBC, but guess what? the game got stuck in the global map and I had to reload again, and again, until it finally loaded up the map so I could send 2 goddamn spearmen to loot a lvl 1 rbc. BUT NO! it doesn't end there... turns out my troops stopped traveling in the midst of my attack on an RBC that's 3 tiles away from my castle, and so I had to reload the page again and turns out my attack wasn't even initiated... How great is that?

So with an entire 2 hours of fiddling around with my Test server account just trying to get my game to log-in properly but still not being able to complete the FREAKING TUTORIAL, here are the Pro's and Con's of my experience on playing the Test Server:-

The Pro's:

1. Being able to realize how I was being trolled all this time when they said the test server was "Sooo awesome and fabulous and the best thing that has ever existed in the game".

The Con's:

1. Infinite Lag while playing the game
2. AWFUL Log-in issues that make you want to smack your computer and never play GGE again.
3. Logging out of the game everytime you refresh even though it takes 2 years to log-in.
4. A Non-Existant global map that can't even initiate an attack that's 3 tiles away from your castle.
5.EVERY TIME I try to collect the taxes from the Tax collector the game lags out and crashes making me having to log-in to the game again which you can refer to the problem stated in #2 as to why it's something so horrifying to do.

So in my opinion, if these game-breaking bugs aren't fixed on the "Test Server" (which I haven't even been able to pass through lvl 5 on) there's no way I'll ever be going back to waste another 2 hours of my life doing nothing but pointlessly clicking on the refresh button hoping things will get better the next time the game loads up.
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    *Bump* It's been an Entire day, but still no replies to this thread by any of the bug watcher/hunters, seems like the GGS staff truly don't care at all about their players and any of their problems :/
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    Have you read this ??
    Since this is not the final version of the game, you might experience crashes, hang-ups, lags or more bugs than usual.Please be aware that this test server is established to test new features and not designed for regular play.

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  • Shafaet (INT1)Shafaet (INT1) Posts: 1,104
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    Yes, I have.

    But there's a "limitation" as to how much lag there should be in the game, maybe a few bugs here and there is okay and I could deal with it since it's just a "Test" server, but the way things are going for this test server it's COMPLETELY unplayable for me and there's no way I can even log in to the game properly, yet it seems none of the staffs of GGS seem to care about.

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    Hi there @Shafaet (INT1),

    We're aware of the lag issues and have always fixed several for the upcoming update.

    The Bugwatch team is busy doing its actual work (testing the next version) and doesn't always have time to answer on the spot.
    Best way to get a quick answer is also to tag a Bugwatch member and to be polite.
    I'll now lose time on answering other threads by censoring some of your quite rude comments.


    PS: Last week was a long weekend in Germany and, as many employees, we had holidays. I know it sounds crazy but we're actually humans...
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