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Base Food Bonus

Base food bonus was applied to the production amount.

The base amount was already 118.  Adding the Level 3 Base Food should have increased this to 143.

Instead, the Base amount simply turned GREEN and the total production amount only increased by 25.  From 435 to 460.

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  • Sir Waldeck (DE1)Sir Waldeck (DE1) DE1 Posts: 194
    Ich still have the same problem. 


    I bought for 100k rubies 4 of the items but it gives me just +100 bonus, 25 for each. 
    Sir Waldeck @ de 1
  • KousagiloveKousagilove Guest Posts: 438
    Hi there,

    Thanks for the report to both of you!

    You're right, there's a bug there, the base production bonus is added to the hourly production instead of the base.
    I've reproduced and reported the bug on our side so we can hope for it to be fixed soon.

    I'll close the thread since we were able to reproduce.

    Thanks for your help,
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