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Glory Points

I hope this one does not start controversy between ruby/non ruby players or event only alliances and alliances who enjoy the war aspect of the game.

In the time since I began playing I have had the opportunity to visit and talk with many players from may different types of alliances.

The alliance I belong to on my home server is and "event alliance". We do not participate in the Shady Lady event or the Herald the Alliance Tournament. There are a lot of alliances like mine as it turns out. This has its draw backs in a couple of ways. It limits us on when and how many Glory Points we are able to achieve to improve our titles, individual rankings and alliance over all rankings. It also prevents us from being able to earn Honor and some of the Achievement awards.

I totally understand this is a "game of war" how ever for those of us who prefer not to engage in the war aspect, it would be nice to see our Foreign Invader and Blood Crow targets hold more defenders or have them increase in defenders as they are attacked.

And maybe find a way to allow us to earn honor in other ways aside from attacking other players.

Just some thoughts

Kimmyjp67 @ usa 1
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