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Blue horn

This horn is showing for a former member of our alliance. As you can see he is no longer any alliance but we are still seeing the horn for the captures and attacks on him.

Kimmyjp67 @ usa 1


  • KousagiloveKousagilove Guest Posts: 438
    Hi there again @Kimmyjp67 (US1),

    I have a couple of questions:
    - Is this still happening?
    - When did the player leave your alliance?

    Thanks for the report,
    Not a moderator, not a CM, simply a bug huntress - Never share your password with anyone, not even me!
    Pas une modératrice, pas une CM, simplement une chasseuse de bug - Ne communiquez jamais votre mot de passe, pas même à moi !
  • Kimmyjp67 (US1)Kimmyjp67 (US1) US1 Posts: 126
    I'm sorry this just came up in my notices. I don't have these details any longer as it has been a couple of days.
    Kimmyjp67 @ usa 1
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