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Researching veteran troops shouldn't replace the original units.

Graycat (US1)Graycat (US1) Posts: 9,993
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Macemen and crossbowmen are still highly useful at all of the levels, especially for players who fight wars instead of just doing events, but players have to research veterans and replace them in order to do all of the research.

Title says all :)

Just a few of the players on the forum who agree are:
@Red.bird (US1)
@Perryl (AU1)
@louisbob (GB1)
@overlord90098 (GB1)
@QuantumDot (INT2)
@Barnacleez (US1)
@Lord Victus (US1)
@AnonymousIII (Int1)
@Lord taggart (US1)
@Sandravlc (Int1)
@007Ben (US1)
@Rajan37 (IN1)
@SadhappyRuler (ASIA1)
@cayo7 (US1)
@louisbob (AU1)
@cliff60 (GB1)

Anyone who doesn't support this hasn't ever fought in a real war before. Fighting over resource villages could be sped up easily if we had quicker units, and this suggestion would discourage multi-accounting, since many players just create extra accounts to have original crossbowmen and macemen on that one.
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  • perryl (US1)perryl (US1) US1 Posts: 1,236
    I think he means to say "shouldn't" in the title. 

    I 100% agree. I would accept a wipe of all of my research just so I could redo it and not upgrade that stuff. None of it is worth upgrading anyways with the developments that have happened since then. 
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