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Melee reduction tools on attack

There are ranged tools that can reduce the defenders but not the melee. This has made it become extremely hard to attack...at least for me. There is no 'good' way to overcome melee defenders with lime bombs with the new balancing features.
This was an attack on my alliance on one side. Even if there were ranged attackers, this battle, the attackers had no chance at all. because the limes overpower the attackers like nothing.
I am suggesting that we introduce a tool that reduces the melee defender power so you can balance these lime bombs.

  1. Pizza=Satisfaction
  2. Pizza with Peperoni=A Happy Person
  3. Pizza with Bacon, Sausage, and Peperoni=Happiness
  4. Pizza with every type of meat you can put on it=TRUE HAPPINESS
  5. Diamond=A Rock that was Pulled Out of the Ground and Someone Said It was Worth Something because It was Hard to Find

If I attack you, it is nothing personal. I like glory, honor, and burning castles beyond recognition.

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