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How to report a bug

Reporting bugs is not as easy as it seems. A small note like "nothing is working, whatever I do, it will not do what I want" is not really useful. In the following I want to provide a framework that should support us in fighting the errors in game.

*** General Stuff ***

  • Only one bug per thread. Use the search function and try to look up if your issue has already been reported. If you enter something that was already reported before, don't worry, it's not the end of the world. But it will be moved to a folder labeled duplicate.
  • If you spot a report matching yours, please don't spam the comments, just add a like to the original post. The comments should be there for clarifications, questions, updates and knowledge transfer. If every second post in there is "I have this too" the thread will be hard to read for the people who are looking for a fix.
  • Reports, that eventually receive a fix will be moved to closed after some time, to maintain readability in the forum.

*** The Bug Report ***

The report itself contains several points, which are summed up in the following template. I will explain every point in detail later on.

  • Summary (aka Title)
  • Version
  • Browser
  • Reproducibility
  • Repro Steps
  • Current Behavior
  • Expected Behavior
  • Optional: a screenshot
*** The Summary ***

A good title is key, because it helps others to find your bug and helps maintaining an overview of what happened. A bug summary would be "reward not received" because there are literally thousands of rewards in game. Most likely, a summary like this would lead to a big loss of time for a lot of people who have to read the report first in order to find out if it is matching their issue or not.

A better summary: Wheel of Fortune - Pro Mode - Win class 6 - Jackpot reward not granted.

This way, anyone who's missing a reward in Thorn King would not need to read your report.

*** The Version ***

The Version refers to a series of numbers, that represent the development state of the parts that finally build up Goodgame Empire. Getting this number is easy: Right-click on the game to open the context menu, choose the number in the first line of that menu and left-click it. This way, the number is automatically copied to your clipboard, so you can enter it in your thread using CTRL+V.

*** The Browser ***

Please provide the Browser you use and its major version (the numbers before the first period), like Firefox 44 (or FF44) for Firefox in Version 44.xxx or Google Chrome 50 (GC50) for Chrome in Version 50.xxx or Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) or whatever you use.

*** Reproducibility ***

From all the points in the list, this may seem the strangest. A good bug is reproducible, which means it happens every time if you follow the steps listed later on. Most bugs are like this. Sometimes, there are bugs that only happen every second, third or fourth time you try. Those are harder to spot (because they are not happening all the time) and they are harder to fix, because the root cause is more complex than "just broken".

In QA we try to reproduce a bug several times (also to confirm we have the right reproduction steps). Reproducibility is just a number out of three, for example, of how many successful reproductions versus the amount of attempts you had. Usually, this is noted as 1/3 which means one successful reproduction in three attempts, or 3/3 for three reproductions in three attempts. In really bad cases, we also have stuff that seems to happen only with a reproduciblity of 1/100 or worse.

Long story short: do it more than one time in order to make sure it is really there and not just something you missed or did not notice.

*** Repro Steps ***

Give an overview of what you did to trigger the bug up to the point where your bug appears. Which also means: Don't mention everything you did in game, just the necessary steps to get the bug.

*** Current behavior ***

A short description of what actually happened. Usually, this section is about one or two sentences and helps others to reproduce and recognize the bug.

*** Expected behavior ***

A short description of what you expected to happen. Usually, this is also pretty short. Adding an expectation makes it easier for others to see what your intention was and if your expectation matches according to Game Design, because not everything you believe to be wrong is actually wrong.

*** Optional: screenshots ***

Sometimes adding screenshots can help to identify the problem, but it is not needed.

*** A Possible Bug Report ***

Summary (also acts as thread title): Wheel of Fortune - Pro Mode - Win class 6 - Jackpot reward not granted.

Version:  B2.109.9 S1.10.14 iXML193.01
Browser: GC50
Reproducibility: 3/3

- Start Empire and have Wheel of Fortune running.
- In Wheel of Fortune, switch to Pro Mode.
- Spin until you reach Win Class 6.
- Win Jackpot and get Helmet of Broken Wheel as reward.

- The Helmet of Broken Wheel is not credited to the player.

- The Helmet of Broken Wheel is credited and usable by the player.

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