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Payments on the Testserver

There is one thing I want all of you to be aware of. This server is a testserver. Progress loss, loss of possession (troops, coins, rubies, gems, resources), loss/reset of accounts, accounts broken beyond repair ... all those things can happen. And out if experience, they will happen at some point sooner or later.

That brings up the point of payments. As you noticed, there is a shop included with this server. This shop has to be there, because there are things that needs also to be tested on a live and not only on a test environment. The interaction of the shop and the game is one of these points.

Since this shop is public it is available to everyone. Feel free to do whatever you want, but please be aware that this shop is fully operational. And remember what I said in the beginning: There is no customer support offered for the testserver and there is a good chance you loose your stuff!
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