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  • don't forget about an Android app i would be online 24/7
    Раздел: App Комментарий от Aztec-_-Leader (INT2) 30.04.2013
  • yeah but you cannot balance this event without having GGE force you to be on a side and since you get the choice people will band together and join and dominate (the first one was all chaotic nobody got in groups to join so it made it more even and balanced there were people in the same alliance in different sides)
    Раздел: The Degeneration of Berimond Комментарий от Aztec-_-Leader (INT2) 13.04.2013
  • yeah i guessed it would be a bug since it seems like such a idiotic change
    Раздел: alliance chat change Комментарий от Aztec-_-Leader (INT2) 12.04.2013
  • GranDaddo just keep your head held high i had the same problem when i first joined in Sands where a bunch of RV spawned i around me and then were all taken in less than a day but now i have a good setup of defense there (i still don't have and rv) and i am now one of those people sitting there waiting for an rv to pop-up…
    Раздел: RVs (1000th post) Комментарий от Aztec-_-Leader (INT2) 25.03.2013
  • I understand that you think getting honor difficult and it might be at a certain point and you shouldn't depend on the search for honor tool do what others here have said and look for people not just near you but all over the world it doesn't matter how far because if you attack someone that is far they might not attack…
    Раздел: Honor Problems Комментарий от Aztec-_-Leader (INT2) 25.03.2013
  • yeah it happened to me too i am pretty mad i lost a bunch of resources for something with barely any PO
    Раздел: Colossus glitch Комментарий от Aztec-_-Leader (INT2) 13.12.2012