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  • Half my castles building/decos won't load since yesterday afternoon. all other castles load just fine. not very helpful if I need to upgrade a building or move buildings around that's in a invisible trade district. Wondering if anyone else is having this problem or is it my laptop and/or internet causing the problem.…
Thanks. seasoned player here. 2011-2012 and then this account going on six years. Well aware of RBs lol I was more curious how someone at GGE wrote "there is going to be something available for everyone." Thats just poor phrasing. It left me with the impression they were finally going to make it a little easier for…
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  • Got a question about this "There are new strong Temporary Build Items coming your way shortly. These can be placed in the appearance slot of specific buildings. From strengthening your courtyard attack to bolstering your ranged attack, there is going to be something available for everyone. Make sure to keep an eye on our…
    Раздел: Update discussion Комментарий от Acid-Rain (US1) 01.05.2022
  • My new Year's resolution is to be a better person, both inside and outside the game.
    Раздел: January competition Комментарий от Acid-Rain (US1) 06.01.2022
  • iPoseidon X Angel said: 
 I'm a little late responding to this but was told its a display issue. never appeared on the cast. shared the commander stats as i found it odd it appeared there. Also was assured the 60% was in effect at the time of the horns so no longer dismayed just found the placement odd.
  • I wish for another wonderful year of growing the Alpha Omega family as it will be 6 years since I and my leader started building the alliance from the ground up. also more dragon forts in fire or a quicker cool down time on them. I am thankful for my allies, and team members that have become like a second family to me. My…
    Раздел: December Ruby Competition Комментарий от Acid-Rain (US1) 23.11.2021
  • Had a bunch of horns coming at my main so slapped on a 60% CY bonus for defense as a stables build item and low and behold no bonus was to be found in any of the reports or defensive set up but can be found equipped to my commander stats along with my stables....Wrote my good friend Barry over the weekend and no reply so…
Well after over a month of back and forth with the help bot barry I discovered firefox is the solution in a question someone asked in a forum from June 2020. Chrome, Edge and safari were useless for the sale shop with the crown. So if anyone else is having issues were you get no error messages just use FF and save…
  • Still can't open the Sale shop. Has been going on for weeks. I've run into others with this same issue. I have contacted support and they gave me the old it's you not us line. Really need this fixed!
  • Not sure if this counts as a bug or is intended to be this way but the Protector of the North and Valkyrie sniper are being considered attack units when auto filling troops in. Also they appear in the military overview as attack units and not as defenders. I have almost sent them to their deaths a few times already and I…