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  • CJM9 (US1)
    u have banned this player before, he is back with a new acct, 433-1035 grn usa1, u need to ban him again, his  alliance description and name is in refernce to my recently deceased wife, and other members of our alliance
  • red eagle
    GGE.... every time the same song........and I am crazy that GGE gives away boxes of the shogun in the expensive lottery tickets, but I never see that shogun............ This is fraudulent. GGE sells something, makes the promise that you can earn something with it in the game, but then the shogun never appears...... What would a court say???

    Greetings red eagle nl
  • red eagle

    Roll up, roll up, and see what we have for you throughout the day! Come one, come all, for we’ve got something super special. Over the course of today we will be featuring a number of fantastic 200% Prime Times. 

    Log in often so you don’t miss out!

    I didnt see anything like this yet.....

  • sittingbull11 (US1)
    "The Beyond the Horizon Event" seems to be having problems resetting the City states and Oberservation towers where all players can get to them.The first day both of them reset within 50 klicks of my main,BUT yesterday and today the closest I could find,and other members of my alliance are having the same problem,was about 400 klicks from my castle!!!!! The closest city state will take me over five hours to reach it and the oberservation towers will take me over 55 minutes to reach them!!!!!! What do you think my chances are to capture either of them?
    Please fix them problem before the event ends!!!!
  • ted1945 (US1)
    the discharge troops function is not working (isn't there).

  • Queenrider (GB1)
    Hi Cruach

    Please can you tell me how long it takes for support to Ban a player for crude messages. I reported a player with a screenshot on 17th July 2020 and support said they would look into it but couldn't tell me the outcome because of privacy issues.

    I honestly thought with younger players than myself playing this game that a life ban would have been appropriate but as the player is still carrying on it doesn't look likely.

    This is the screenshot of the message


    I know it is not your problem I just wanted to know what the policy is.

    Carol - Queenridewr