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  • I've been away for quite a while.  Who stole my turnips?
  • Well thanks for all the posts chaps. I am back, and using the same account. I've simply been logging on from time to time to save my account from going to ruin. The main reason I left the game was technical. Poor internet and a broken laptop, co…
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    Haha, brilliant. Made my day.
  • Thanks for the info people. Time to bake me some troops.
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    It's an exclusive offer only given to the biggest spenders. I know some serious spenders and most of them have not received this offer.

    I would guess that it's less than 10 players on each server. Just a guess.
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    We're not talking about ruby buyers here, thousands and thousands of players buy rubies, me included and don't have the offer. I also know level 10 premium players who have not received the offer, so although that is a decent idea…
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    Yeah yeah, you been drinking too little again and making mistakes Porky?
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    Sorry Jross, you are absolutely correct. BSK will break the entire game if we get two capitals between our three alliance family. Everyone will leave the game, alliances will crumble and things will never be the same again. I'm …
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    Wrong, we had an agreement with the existing capital holding allainces. DU, TDDM and UK. When TDDM plotted to take ours, our agreement with them ended.

    As far as who is helping CG, given the amount of messages flying …
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    There are two sides to this, and CG are not fighting on their own, so why should we?

    Daily I receive screenshots of their allies rounding up the server to join CG. So, sorry, but your argument is invalid. If their all…
  • I would like to point out that we what we want is Brian58's capital. The choice for that to be in CG was his and theirs, not ours. So this war is with CG because they are the holders of that capital, and for no other reason. If CG want to bring i…
  • Ruby Whale: Definition?

    Hard to get it down to facts, but in my view, a ruby whale is the kind of player who automatically double doubles all troops, always. Also, a true ruby whale will hit towers using full ranged attacks and armoure…
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    I was talking about ice and sands capitals PJ, which are completely different to Grass Capitals, which is what we are after here. Maybe have a read again and work it out for yourself?

    I don't mind being called a cock, …
  • I'm quite happy that there will be a choice as to whether to enter each month or not. What is confusing me is that it is being called a kingdom. To me, it seems like a perpetual event. And a kingdom to me is something that is permanent with perma…
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    Well, the only reason the power points changed was because the Dark Union decided to get rid of one of their wings. BSK has not changed in strength at all since Sunday, but the Dark Alliances have if you view player numbers and nu…
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    Really? Have you looked at what alliance family you are in lately? Go speak to your leaders and ask them what they have done on this server and then come back with your accusations.
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    Haha, you really think I would call Musketeers a little alliance? Hey, when you gonna upgrade your level 1 stables in fire, Paul the Ruby Whale în En1 War Comentat de Baldrick (GB1) 04.04.2014
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    My crumbs are boxed, sealed and transported to the four corners of the Great Empire, so mere mortals can gaze into the open crates and wonder at my leftovers. I shall ask my minions if they can spare some for you tomorrow. Until …
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    I guess that makes two of us.
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    Nobody wants them. They suck. We're doing the server a favour by holding on to them. You little guys need all your resources and troops to build your little castles, crapitals would only detract from that.