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  • You may want to check your privacy rules and staements as the info came from there, myslef I am not worried, i just watch news items and the internet with interest on where they are investigating next, and I am sure the name will pop up one day. I think you'll find that running short term accounst designed to pay for…
  • yep correct! Best way is to delete your current and reload using your browser add on screen. This will also update. There are a number of blocker now aware of GGE's move with google ad bar, and updating software, you should just need to renew.
  • @"Poseidon X Angel" You just muddy the waters as usual, Support had all the info but still didn't answer, and you give out the same stuff no matter what the player provided. The same as for Multi's and shells. Your privacy act gives all the goof about using other organisations to vet ip's, and device id, and still you…
  • Wrong, when has gge prooved anything. When has gge even properly answered questions when proof is given. I monitored fc and crows over 3 events, gave you and support copys of spy reports on all castles, disputing numbers and percentages. What happened, we'll look into it, what really happenec! NOTHING?! They even had the…
  • You prove to me that they havent made changes. I think there are more players standing in the changes corner, than not. Your answer is the typical GGE standard answer for all the issues in the game, including multis and shell accounts. Proof and even when provided, nothing happens. Just running around in circles getting…
  • With the current levels of the servers, and declining numbers, this will prob not be worth the effort, and GGE will also take most feedback from what are still the most players which will be the P2P. this is just a case of shutting the stable door, after all the horses have bolted. this should have been done prior to any…
  • With the current GGE info running record, why! would anyone believe anything thats being put out!. I always say that the proof is in what happens when you are playing, not what is said afterwards. So sorry!, just no confidence in your statements. You'll be saying next that GGE are looking after their F2P players fairly,…
  • the old saying, and fits well to current GGE situation. ' the lights are on, but no ones home '
    em Oktoberfest Comentário por Pisky (GB1) 17.09.2021
  • not evryone on discord, thought that was what forum was for. INFO
    em Oktoberfest Comentário por Pisky (GB1) 17.09.2021
  • I think that is a bit of a mis-statement, and would depend on your view of the game, and what time frame you include it in. The last people i would expect any announcements for changes would be youself or the game management . Other than that the game is rife with changes, which is why the game is being deserted, and left…
  • Yet another event bite the dust, the Crows, and of course the FC's. I've never seen so many castles around the 500 troop level, and that includes many with attackers in as well. GGE certainly know how to put the finishing touches to a game, wont be long now so they must have some sort of master plan to keep the whales with…
  • You lose it, and start again next storm
  • Maybe you should playmore, then your troops wont starve and desert! Doesnt seem like a problem issue, only to you! If you attacked castles not on fire and with better defenders you might lose more, better than staving!
  • after spending a bit of time researching this term, it seems that there are as many critics against it, as there are people for it. This in my opinion does not make it a tried and tested method, far from it. Many critics say it is so dangerous to use in a compny that it can, and has create major issues. They do agree that…
  • gotta be 3 legged donkeys. lol. Although 50% faster as in VIP would mean they could travel twice the distance, in the same time!
    em FORTRESSES Comentário por Pisky (GB1) 09.09.2021
  • there is something in global effects that increases military speed +50% for 2500 rubies. Don't know if that would do it! of course you also have the active VIP which can increase attack speed as much as 50% at level 10, but also less speeds leading upto it.
    em FORTRESSES Comentário por Pisky (GB1) 09.09.2021
  • All you got to do is look at their company balance sheet that they continually brag about to their stockholders, to see that money isn't an issue, but More! money is. Just like a miser, they never have enough, until the balloon goes pop! I see that bandit has a quote to bm-nine in his signature, so that clouds your…
  • I presume you are either a rebel rouser, or a GGE employee. To say that on the forum at present is beyond silly. Of course you could be one of the whales, prob someone from your own server could clarify that one. I dont think that your post deserves any further comments, just to say, 'you keep spending , and enjoy your…
  • @"Poseidon X Angel" Ads by themselves do not make the game P2P, however the poster I replied to told us what we already know, that id buy something, then those ads go away for a time limit. So while ads by themselves are not P2P, removing them is, and there lies the con. Its just like saying, if you want your screen space…
  • Well it was 80k a while back so I would presume that it has gone up since then. Some information isn't relative to updates or bugs, but info not readily accessable to vounteer mods either. We also know that GGE employees are active in the game, so would presume they are aware of bugs etc